Security Consulting
LATSC Management Team and its Board Members brings over 250 years of combined executive experience in investigations, law enforcement, security, consulting, training, legal, fiscal planning, accounting, and taxes.  With our Board’s experience, expertise and training, we are able to collaborate and provide strategic growth planning and development; security planning; management consulting; and risk management.  Our experience has been tested and our results have been proven in small to large public and private business sectors.
LATSC provides the following security consulting services:
Internal Investigation
LATSC’s investigative team is comprised of seasoned investigators, administrators and executive leaders with backgrounds in Federal, Municipal and Corporate Internal, Criminal, and Administrative Investigations.  With more than 100 years’ of tested experience and proven results, we know what it takes to have the proper internal controls to combat corruption and to ensure the integrity of government.  Integrity cannot be assumed!
Our Investigative Team will function as a “third party” intermediary between city officials and it’s departments in order to prevent, mitigate, and identify reform objectives by:
Conducting a full analysis of your complaint and disciplinary process, internal investigations, and auditing practices.
Making recommendations for practices and policies based upon the analysis.
Assisting in the implementation of recommendations if needed.
Conducting fair and impartial internal investigations for your agency.
Making recommendations in terms of discipline, corrective actions and policy changes.
Risk Assessment & Mitigation
We have assembled a team of highly trained and experienced professionals to create proactive solutions to help identify, prevent and mitigate threats to your business.  LATSC is capable of immediately deploying resources to assist CEOs, General Counsel and risk managers in formulating and executing responses to rapidly evolving crisis situations.  The team brings extensive government and private sector experience to ensure a successful resolution.
Identifying all risk associated with protecting our customer’s assets, information and property is important to us. LATSC insight, experience and training will provide clients with security and expertise in risk management strategies.  
LATSC’s comprehensive security objective is to provide the client with high quality and cost efficient plan to deploy security measures.  LATSC approach is to analyze and identify strategies to transfer risk, avoid threats and mitigate crisis which can emerge in crisis or emergency situations.
LATSC utilizes a risk assessment methodology (RAM) to determine threats and vulnerabilities.  LATSC will plan strategies to raise security awareness among our clients with respect to security threats, vulnerabilities, and need for the strategic planning security roles and responsibilities.
Our internal team includes a’ Security Analyst’ who specializes in tracking security intelligence provided to LATSC via our extensive investigative network.  LATSC utilizes a proactive approach to assess and identify potential issues, problems, and threats.  We work with our clients to implement mitigating actions that is also integrated with their business operations.